Do you really need English Tuition?

As the main medium of instruction in Singapore, English is the most important language which students must master. A strong command of the language entails a significant advantage for the students across all the examinable subjects. From Kindergarten, Primary and secondary school education, Junior College, the Integrated programme, international baccalaureate to even adult English, English tuition provides one with the opportunity to work on the various aspects of mastering the language.

English tutors mostly seek to improve their students in writing, comprehension and oral speaking skills. Different levels of English language assessment require different preparation ranging from creative writing in primary school, argumentative skills in secondary school to conversational English abilities for adult English proficiency.

To start off, before one can dream of being a master of the English language, they must first have a good foundation in writing, reading and speaking the language.




By working on the different components necessary for students to write well, English tuition, therefore, builds on their basic capabilities. These include their grammar, vocabulary and compositional skills.

Via English tuition, tutors may reinforce student’s grammar through grammar practices, vocabulary through spelling and interactive learning methods and compositional skills by continuous correction of current work by English tutors. English tuition therefore serves an important purpose – to strengthen and provide students with the preparations they will need to ace the PSLE, O Levels, A Levels, IB essay components with quality English tutors and high standards of English education.

English tutors are also deeply familiar with the current syllabuses to guide their students. English tutors specialising in the O Levels will thus steer students towards editing, letter (situational) writing and lastly continuous writing since these are the tested components. On the other hand, A Levels General Paper tutors will steer towards argumentative writing styles and current affairs for General Paper’s essay component. The clear preparation direction students are provided under the English tutors saves and frees time for them to focus more on their weaknesses.

These, compiled together make for an excellent basis to which students can then write fluent and captivating English essays to obtain stellar results for paper 1.


Comprehension Skills


Besides being able to write well, critical thinking is also important, especially so for the comprehension component of English examinations. With paper 2 in most major exams being centered around one’s ability to analyse the given essay, students need to be trained to be able to extract and evaluate the issue present. English tutors play a facilitating role in this. They guide and train their abilities to do so. English tuition trains students for these specific skills. For example, in the O Levels, students are required to interpret the meaning of a particular sentence as part of the whole passage in the Short Answer Questions component of Paper 2. Furthermore, in the A Levels, students are required to showcase their evaluation and argumentative skills in the Application Question – the killer – component.


Speaking Ability


Lastly, to ace the subject, students need to be able to speak the language fluently. English tuition serves as a consistent way for students to be corrected and improve upon this ability. Oral examinations serve as the formal assessment of this aspect. English lessons emphasise on the practice of oral questions depending on the level to adequately prepare students with the relevant skills to tackle the English oral exams. Pronunciation and fluency are the key skills required  for the reading aloud component across the PSLE and O Levels exams. With the introduction of new formats in the form of the spoken interaction component as well, English tuition will reinforce student’s existing knowledge and structure their responses to showcase their ability to respond to the given questions and hold conversations.

For adult learners, this will come in the form of conversational speaking in leisure and business settings. The aim at the end of the lessons is usually the ability to converse fluently in the language on a daily basis. English tuition of this form is therefore geared towards one’s requirements, based on their lifestyle needs. The needs of a business executive are inherently different from that of a housewife seeking to master the language in their field.


English tuition is therefore highly important for students of varying levels who seek to obtain top scores for their academics.

With the current range of English tutors available with Elite Tutor – from student tutors who are greatly familiar with the syllabus from their personal experience to NIE trained English teachers who are experienced in teaching, every student stands a chance to do well. Depending on the standard and areas of improvement, Elite Tutor will be able to find an English tutor to help students ace English in the major examinations.

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