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Syllabus Content

Offered at both the O Levels and A Levels as either Pure or Combined Geography, H1, H2 or H3 Geography, Geography is a humanities subject focusing on human and natural complexities of the
world. Students at the Secondary and JC Level will observe that the subject matter is split into 2 whole components – Natural Geography and Human Geography. Ability in both aspects tends to vary among students.

Mostly, students will first be introduced to natural geography to kickstart their understanding of the subject. Leading up to the O Levels, students obtain knowledge on tectonic hazards, coastal environments and climates. At this juncture, it is vital for students to have a strong grounding in the

With a strong foundation in natural Geography, schools then delve into human Geography. Loosely related to natural geography, human geography tends to be more intuitive to some students

Exam Format

Both the O and A Level syllabus requires students to answer case-study based questions as well as structured essay responses. While the former requires immediate application of geographical
knowledge to the questions posed, they can be prepared for adequately. A big picture view as well as an in-depth understanding of the content are required to do so.

On top of that, the O Level syllabus consists of a component on Geographical Investigations. While taught in school by teachers, most students struggle to score here due to it being mainly an
application of existing data collection knowledge. Tutors can adequately prepare students with practices. Keywords and specific ways to answer types of questions are also helpful in scoring in this

Geography Tuition

Geography tutors come in where they are able to clarify conceptual gaps in their understanding, while providing links between concepts and topics at the same time. Tutors also provide help in the form of guided practice sessions. With the availability of the ten-year series, students can prepare for essay questions under the tutor’s guidance. Tutors fill in existing gaps in student’s essay
plans to ensure that they tackle questions effectively under time constraints. Timed practices also allow tutors to highlight existing gaps and improvement areas for the students.

Lastly, tutors also impart exam skills to students. This can be in the form of time management,
memorisation tips as well as study techniques. Tutors may suggest the use of O Level and A Level
study guides, or even have their own materials to supplement. Often times, students may also make their own notes as part of the revision process. Tutors ensure that these guides are comprehensive.
As experts in the content knowledge, it is likely that tutors have more efficient ways of mastering the content, such as through mind-maps, mnemonics, etc. In both the O Levels and A Levels, students have limited time in preparing for a wide range of content and subjects.

Our tutors

Elite Tutor provides a range of tutors at both the O Levels and A Levels for Geography tuition. Student tutors offer a perspective and strong grounding into the content from a student’s point of view. Graduate tutors offer experience in efficiently guiding students for the exams. MOE Teachers are well-trained professionals to guide students in the subject with their experience teaching in schools. Elite Tutor helps to find the right fit for each and every student in order to provide help where it is needed. With the right guidance, your child can quickly and effectively obtain better grades in Geography.

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