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Syllabus Content

Offered as Pure History and History Elective at the O Levels. Offered as H1, H2 and H3 History at the A Levels. Learning History brings students in Secondary School as well as Junior Colleges a glimpse back into historical events of the world.

Throughout the syllabus at both O Levels and A Levels, students focus on the international world
order with a final focus on the regional South East Asian political order.

The Secondary school syllabus includes the Colonialism, World War 1, Hitler’s World War 2, the Cold War, and independence in post-war Southeast Asia. Diving deeper, the Junior College (JC) A Level syllabus covers more on the Cold War and the ensuing peace order led by the United Nations globally, and ASEAN in Asia. The Secondary School and O Level syllabus covers a larger range of issues to provide students with an overview of world events.
The JC A Level syllabus is more in-depth in its content and focuses on the post-war peace.

History is also offered under the International Baccalaureate (IB) syllabus. The IB Syllabus differs with wider coverage of topics, including and not
limited to medieval history as well as African history (HL Level). While differing in content, the IB
and local O and A Level syllabus examine in the same format which tutors are highly familiar with.

Exam format

Both the O Levels and A Levels consist of Source-based Case Studies and Essay response questions.

In case studies, students are tested on their own ability to interpret, obtain information, and answer the short-answer questions based on the information provided. Existing knowledge of the content
aids in their application process.

Structured essay questions require students to formulate well thought out arguments to questions posed. Fret not, you can prepare for this! In school, most History teachers go through essay questions and teach essay structure. Outside of school, students can further hone this ability. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect!

History Tuition

As we know, History is a content-heavy subject. While practice is important, as outlined above, students also need to focus on the content. Given the sheer amount of content secondary school and Junior College students need to remember, efficient study techniques have to be utilised. Key pointers can be memorised via mind mapping techniques within a topic. Specific details may benefit from the use of spaced repetition to help students create long-term memory of the content. Through tuition, students get a chance to solidify their understanding and practice doing so with guidance from a tutor. These practices also provide students with opportunities to form perspectives of their existing knowledge based on additional information given to them.

Our tutors

While knowledge of the History of the world can easily be learnt, mastery of the subject is not an easy feat! With a need for interpretation and in-depth understanding, the role of tuition teachers cannot be
understated. Ranging from Student tutors, Graduate tutors, to MOE Trained Current or Ex Teachers, Elite Tutor offers students a chance to improve in the subject. Under the guidance of tutors,
students have a platform to further their understanding and perspective of historical events that they can apply in the exams. Be it from O Level, A Level or the IB programme, Elite Tutor can find the perfect fit of tutors for students to excel in the subject.

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