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Consisting of the 3 main branches – Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Science is taught from Primary 3 onward in schools. From Primary 3 till Secondary 2, students are taught Science as a cohesive General Science curriculum to aid their development in the 3 Sciences. After which, most students will choose two or three of the 3 to further their knowledge in, through the undertaking of either pure or Combined Science subjects. The student can further build on their Science knowledge by taking H1, H2 or H3 Sciences at JC level. Each of these science subjects requires different skill sets to excel in them. Learn how Science tuition can help the student here.


Skill Set 1 – Memorisation


Required to varying degrees for all 3 sciences, students need to be able to quickly provide from memory the content of which they are taught. Often, this is required either for questions testing their knowledge or for the identification of the issues raised in the questions. A strong and fast regurgitation of the content taught is especially important under exam conditions, when there are missing information in the question. For example, the O Levels may test students on the reactions of various chemicals and elements, or the use of equations in physics – all vital components to obtaining the basic mark requirements.

Memorisation can be done efficiently and effectively. Most teachers, in both schools and tuition, will emphasise on the need to consolidate the information first. There are also a wide variety of sources available for this, such as guide books available from bookstores and online resources. Furthermore, many Science tuition teachers also encourage students to engage in the creation of their own summary notes. Creating summary notes allows students to view both the interlinks between the concepts and the details of the concepts all at once.

With the amount of information available, students should learn to use memorisation techniques as well to remember the content quickly. Some of these include:

  1. Mnemonics
  2. Memory Place
  3. Mind Mapping
  4. Chunking Facts

There are a wide variety of techniques available, and students are strongly suggested to consult their private Science tutors, or school teachers to determine which may be more suitable for the specific subject and consider their own preference.


Skill Set 2 – Exam Skills


Time Management

At the O’ Levels, durations for Science papers are generally 1 hour for Paper 1 and 1 hour 45 minutes for Paper 2. Given the short duration of time available, students need to allocate time adequately to each question. Common among advice given by Science tuition and school teachers is that students must move on should they become stuck at a particular question. The avoidance of time wastage during papers helps to secure as many marks as possible, particularly during difficult papers.


Keywords Identification

Among Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, students are required to unpack the information given in the question and use their knowledge to tackle the question. Identifying keywords given therefore points students in the right direction of the specific topic being tested. During Science tuition, it may also be common for teachers to point out the keywords so that students are familiarised with the keywords for specific topics. Fast and easy identification saves time during exams.

Identifying keywords also ensures that students answer questions specifically with the answers markers are looking out for. In examinations, markers mark open-ended science questions by the keywords specific to the answer and topic tested. Using the correct answers for specific questions and topics can be mastered through corrections from Science tutors and by practicing a wide variety of questions through papers.



As the saying goes: “Practice makes perfect”.  Through the drilling of practice papers, students become stronger in the skills mentioned above. They also get the test their existing knowledge and work on their weaker areas. Science tutors form an important role here as answer sheets are often insufficient for students to work with. Feedback from Science tutors helps students to identify their problem areas and deliberately practice them thereafter.


Obtaining Help

Of course, to get started, students need to have a strong foundation in the concepts. With limited time available, the main priority should be to stay afloat of the current topics taught. Private Science tuition provides help by clarifying the doubts at which students have and reinforcing their knowledge of the topics taught. Additional practice and support are also provided during exam preparations by private Science tutors. Depending on the needs, there are different types of Science tutors with different specialties available. Should a student:

  • Be weak in content: A student Science tutor can help to build up his/her foundation and is preferred due to their ability to put things into the perspective of students, especially so for weaker students
  • Be weak in content and require help for exams: A graduate Science tutor or MOE Trained Teacher will be preferred due to their experience and expertise to prepare for the exams. They are also highly familiar with the content. MOE Teachers are the most up to date with the current Science syllabus given the recent changes.
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