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Posted by Jerry Tan | September 1, 2020 | Blog

Syllabus Content

Covering Singapore’s history and development over the past decades of growth, Social Studies serves to shape student’s understanding of Singapore’s trajectory into what she is today. To do well in Social Studies, as with all humanities subjects, students need to have a strong grasp of the content taught.

The Secondary School and O Level Social studies syllabus comprises of topics including – Multiracial Singapore, issues concerning migration, conflict and peace, environment, managing financial
resources and caring for the Singapore society.

Exam Format

The O Level Social Studies syllabus is split into 2 different components, each testing different skill sets of the student.

Section A of the exam comprises of the Source-based case study questions. Source-based questions test a student’s ability to identify and interpret the information given from the sources. Application is key in this component. Building up application skills is not as hard as it seems. School teachers often provide practices via tests to gauge student’s abilities in applying their knowledge.

Section B of the exam consists of the structured response question. As with its name, structure responses ask for well thought out arguments from the students as a response to the given question. These questions test students on specific topics and how well they know them.

Social Studies Tuition

The role of a tuition teacher here helps to strengthen the points of the student. By going through the student’s argumentative points in the practice essays, tutors easily identify what may be right, wrong or

Tuition teachers may step in to provide a stronger understanding and knowledge of the content. Tuition is an additional platform for
students to practice their application skills. Tutors usually hone their student’s skills in interpreting and identifying relevant information from the sources. This aids students in crafting cohesive arguments based on the information given to back up their viewpoints in relation to the question given.

Our Tutors

Here at Elite Tutor, we have a wide range of capable tutors who provide ready guidance for Secondary School students preparing for the O Level Social Studies curriculum.

Ranging from student tutors, Graduate tutors to MOE Trained Current or Ex Teachers, our tutors guide students in the various examinable components. Our students benefit from the rich experience, giving them a platform to hone their answering techniques for the exams.

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